Jeffrey Labrecque

Jey AVEC LE CERCLEHolder of a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Jeffrey Labrecque was educated in tourism management at the École des Sciences de la Gestion of the Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG UQAM) and is currently completing a certificate in marketing at HEC Montréal.

It is the term of a contract for an online store, in which his ideas and his knowledge of marketing and brand management were involved, he decided to found the Group JeyLabr. This approach will allow him to explore and develop his ideas, and benefit others.

Dynamic and urban, Jeffrey enjoys outdoor sports in his city, Montreal, such as biking, kayaking on the Lachine Canal and walking on the Mont-Royal. Curious and Epicurean, he likes great alcohol, good meetings and especially, out of his comfort zone to discover more.