Nazanin Rostami

nazanin-webNazanin Rostami was born in 1984 in Iran. After receiving her BA in arts  at the University of Soureh in Tehran, she continued her studies in fine arts at the University of Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3. In 2008, she moved to Montreal and completed her training at the jewellery school in Montreal. She started her business in August 2012. Her professional practice consists of the design and making of exclusive jewellery, small batch production, and private commissions. Nazanin aims to be known as a reference for buying creative jewellery with an artistic and modern approach. She also offers service of transformation and repair of jewellery; bearing the strict criteria of quality in mind. To this end, the pieces she creates are mainly made of sterling silver. The techniques used for the production are essentially born out of her manual dexterity. Nazanin has participated in several group exhibitions. Her works are now in galleries and designer shops.


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