Vincent Dumouchel

vincentwebVincent Dumouchel is a resident family doctor at the University of Montreal. He started a Master in Biomedical Science specializing in the study of the human musculoskeletal system. His thesis explores the use of 3D imagery in cases of scoliosis found in adolescents. Despite his many years studying medicine, he discovered his entrepreneurial side as a sales representative for Apple. In this position, he honed his customer service skills and started to see that technology can be used to improve Quebec’s healthcare system, for both patients and medical professionals. His business, Clinification, is an automated confirmation system for clinics that reduces the rate of unattended appointments. This venture led him into a directorial position and the role of Chief Technology Officer for one of Montreal’s biggest medical clinics. Vincent is presently working with his business partner, Mr. Edmond Chow, on a phone app, B2Map, which aims to support SMEs in Quebec by increasing their visibility on Google maps. He will be presenting this project as a finalist in a regional contest in the city of Laval, Canada on May 7th, 2014

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